Why did we fork from FreeEMS?

Short Answer – Because you cannot get the software to meet your needs any other way.

This decision was not made lightly,  but was the result of  long term brewing difference of opinion and direction between the originator of FreeEMS, and a subset of the core members and would-be developers. The core author of the FreeEMS ECU firmware, albeit talented and technically adept, is not a team player, and through various ways interacted in a consistently manipulative, negative and demeaning/demanding ways  with the core development community. This had the chilling effect of basically turning away multiple would-be developers from the project over time,  some of whom, were seasoned software engineers.  We’ve had multiple instances of people submitting promising ECU firmware code, only to have it outright rejected with poor justification and ad-hominem attacks. These sort of issues naturally are EXTREMELY destructive to a project and many of us became disenfranchised with the leadership of the project.   It was thought that a clean fork  under a new name breaking away from the original developer of FreeEMS might be able to foster a more collaborative and fruitful group with a higher chance of long term success.  We think the infusion of fresh ideas and OPEN collaboration will result in a much better chances for long term success.

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  1. Good morning,
    I have accidental stumbled upon your web site & I am intrigued by what I have discovered that you seem to be developing.
    Unfortunately I need to go to work now & I cannot read all of the information that you have posted on your site at this present moment in time.

    My interests & hobbies.

    I am looking for a system that will allow me to run a very old stationary engine that I am restoring.
    Because this engine dates back to 1910 & because I have had to make so many of the parts for it the engine can never be classed as a 100% original.
    So I would like to build with an Arduino micro controller a hall effect ignition system (or some thing similar) & an LPG or petrol injector system that allows me to run my old engine.
    Because the engine does not run more than say 900 rpm then an advanced fuel & spark system in my case is not required.
    Can you good people assist me with my endeavours with regards to my project?
    I have machined one fly wheel & made a new crankshaft made the two inlet valves & restored the cylinder head. Repaired the piston & made the piston rings & resleeved the horizontal cylinder I do not have a carburettor nor do I have the original ignition magneto. Hence why I would like to use a modern system on my old engine that I have been tinkering with for the past 20 years.

    Can your system work the reverse and can I use an Arduino to simulate engine sensor signals so that I can measure them with both my oscilloscope & Engine e.s.u. scanner?

    Thank you for all of your time & I am looking forward in receiving your returned post.

    Yours truly.

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