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Prior to LibreEMS coming to be, there were several tool-chains out there for the m68hc1x platforms with various capabilities and bugs.   Rather than ADD to that confusion by releasing a toolchain with more capabilities but using the same exec-prefix, …

Why did we prefix our toolchain with mc9s12x-? Read More »

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It’s important that we provide LibreEMS users/developers a stable and reliable toolchain for compiling the LibreEMS sources into firmware for their EMS/ECU,  so how do we validate that our Toolchains generate consistent output across all of the Linux OS’s we …

How we validate our Toolchains Read More »

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Today’s post is for setting up an environment so that you can build Ubuntu or Debian packages in a “clean-room” environment with the help of pbuilder. We utilize this method to make clean packages for the LibreEMS suite (including Megatunix) …

How to setup pbuilder to make “clean” debian packages Read More »

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