Site Status Feb 4th 2016

LibreEMS Site/Server Status

Currently all services are operational and working normally.

On Wednesday February 4th 2016, we finished our transition to our new Web hosting arrangement, which includes getting SSL back for nearly all domains (one more to go), increased overall performance, far more flexibility than we’ve ever had, and opportunities to add some new cool stuff behind the scenes.

On Sunday January 19th 2014, we suffered a minor outage of the forums, gitlab, and gitlab_ci services for about 30 minutes due to the previous SSL certificate change which prevented PostgreSQL from restarting properly.  The issue has been resolved as of 2:50PM MST January 19th 2014.

We suffered a  network outage from late Jan 14, 2014 until about 8:30 AM local Jan 15th, 2014.  The cause was due to a bad network cable.  This issue has been resolved.


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