Why did we prefix our toolchain with mc9s12x-?

Prior to LibreEMS coming to be, there were several tool-chains out there for the m68hc1x platforms with various capabilities and bugs.   Rather than ADD to that confusion by releasing a toolchain with more capabilities but using the same exec-prefix, we chose to prefix our tools with “mc9s12x-” instead of “m68hc11-” or “m68hcs12-“.   Since our tool-chain is enhanced with the efforts of James Murray (jsmcortina on msextra.com) (S12X port), Dr. Alex Smith (32 bit hardware divide in GCC) and Sean’s Xgate work in binutils and others’ hard work, it made sense to alter the exec-prefix to reflect that this toolchain is tweaked to support features available in the mc9s12x CPU that aren’t available in the stock m68hc1x CPUs.

In order to service everyone our (available pre-compiled packages for Windows, OS-X and Linux ) setup  creates symbolic links so that those other prefixes (m68hc11- and m68hc12- specifically)  will work however,  so there should be no need to tweak/change makefiles when leveraging our toolchain.

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