LibreEMS websites moved to a new host

We moved the LibreEMS websites (apt, builds. blogs, forums, redmine, www) to a new web-host on the evening of March 11th, 2015 on somewhat short notice, as our previous hosting arrangement came to a close.

Here’s what’s changed:

  1. We don’t have SSL at the current time (this will be remediated as soon as feasable)
  2. Git repo’s have moved from “” to “”,  the remaining part of the remote in .git/config (in each of your working copies) should remain the same.  If you were a project member on (you would know), contact the admin on and he’ll give you instructions on how to connect in the same fashion on

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to our community of users.

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3 Comments on “LibreEMS websites moved to a new host

  1. I keep getting an error trying to compile ardustim. “Ardutism.ino:29:21: fatal error : defines.h: no such file or directory ” i suspect it has something to do with the serial monitor but i cant figure it out. W7 32 bit platform.

      • I have the same problem. When I unzipped Ardustim file, there was no SerialUI.h or .ccp in any of the folders. I found SerialUI library online and put the SerialUI.h and .ccp files in the ardustim directory (containing the ardustim.ino program).

        But I still get ‘no such file or directory’ error message.

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