Feature Comparison Overview

The table below was intended to provide a quick glance at what we can currently do today, while comparing it to similar products. This table is not a complete feature table, it was designed to highlight the most important requirements by potential users. If you need something we don’t have please post about it here.

ECU Comparison Table LibreEMS FreeEMS-Vanilla MoTeC-M84
Number of cylinders
Sequential Fueling with Wasted Spark up to 16 up to 4 up to 8
Sequential Fueling with Coil-On-Plug up to 16 up to 3 up to 8
Injector outputs 36* 6* 8
Ignition outputs 36* 6* 6
GPIO 20* 20 8
Individual cylinder tables q1-2014 no no
Trigger inputs (Ref/Sync/Speed) 8 8* 2
Analogue voltage inputs 24** 24** 8
Digital inputs 24** 24** 4
Native USB(via FTDI) yes yes no
CAN Streaming 1-KHz no support yes
Data acquisition and telemetry
Maximum UART logging rate 82 Hz 82 Hz  100 Hz
Functions and features
Boost control Q1-2014 no yes
Staged injection yes no yes
Traction and launch control yes yes yes
Gear change ignition cut yes yes yes
Stepper motor idle control Q2-2014 no yes
Continuously variable
camshaft control
Q2-2014 no yes
Flex-Fuel Support yes no yes
Knock control Q2-2014 no yes

*  means this is a shared resource, ** denotes a different shared resource etc. For example if you have a 4 cylinder engine with sequential fueling(cam and crank triggers) that leaves you with 6 channels to use for either ignition or speed input via LibreEMS or only 2 channels via FreeEMS-vanilla.

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