Don’t believe everything you’ve heard or read…

Seriously,  even from us, everyone embellishes, some outright lie.  Take whatever you hear or read from anyone (especially on the internet) with a grain of salt,  keep the following in mind as you read:

  1. Do they have an agenda? If so, what is it?
  2. Are they being rational or emotional?
  3. Who was/is their intended audience?
  4. What do they intend to gain by their statement(s)?

It comes as no surprise that with any project fork,  people sometimes feel hurt or betrayed.  Most adults will shrug it off and move  on with their lives and project(s).  Some people take a different tack, and go on the offensive, inciting all sorts of drama, bending the truth,  attempting to slander, promote fear, and generally act like an insubordinate child throwing a fit.  What do you do when your child throws a fit? We choose to post about what you may find out there in the wild.  Otherwise we choose not to engage in petty childish fights, but to educate the general public to at least question what you read, to know the true motivations behind whatever you may find.  Everyone reacts differently to stress, some people throw shit like an upset zoo animal,  others attempt to write a blog post.. 🙂

So if you see things out on the ‘net saying various negative and/or slanderous thing about our Team, its members or LibreEMS in general, step back and think about the above 4 reasons.  INVESTIGATE the claims made,  i.e. look and see if the claims are really based on facts or someone’s raging emotional outbursts.  Our code is open, our community is reasonably open (we do have protection mechanisms and minor restrictions to keep out spammers, trolls and abusers like anyone else, but like any system they are not foolproof and can sometimes block legitimate communications, and for that we apologize.),  The code base as it exists now (mid february, 2014)  hasn’t changed too much yet since the initial fork, aside from merging of some new features and cleanup of some previous design decisions that only made the code significantly harder to follow, so if you find code that looks bad,  it most likely isn’t even our fault yet.. 🙂  You can look at it publicly right at There’s going to be warts in there,  some of our own creation,  many from the original contributors.  ALL code has bugs, ALL code has issues of some sort or another.  With time, hard work and effort,  we’ll improve upon what’s there, and end up with a truly innovative solution.

Everyone has their own viewpoints on how things should be done.    Some people dictate,  others collaborate.   We’re open to ideas (even crazy ones), new suggestions and ways to improve.   That was one of the primary reasons for the fork, as the original project’s management was unable and unwilling to accept any form of criticism (constructive or otherwise) and acted more like a dictator and that didn’t foster any form of collaboration or significant progress in several years time.

Things will change over time in the code-base.   New ideas will be tried, undone,  and revised.  Things might look ugly now to the trained eye,  but they’ll be fixed.  Perhaps with your help.  Be part of the solution, with constructive suggestions. Join us over at   Don’t be that person who points fingers,  bends the truth,  cries and generally makes everyone else around them uncomfortable.


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