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Reasons why we did things a certain way.

Arduino based crank/cam wheel simulator: ardu-stim

UPDATE 07/14/2015:  Precompiled binaries of the Ardu-Stim arduino code are available at: UPDATE 03/26/2015:  The git repository has changed as per this link to  Apologies for the confusion! UPDATE 9/19/2014: ardustim now has analog pot control for when you don’t want

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Don’t believe everything you’ve heard or read…

Seriously,  even from us, everyone embellishes, some outright lie.  Take whatever you hear or read from anyone (especially on the internet) with a grain of salt,  keep the following in mind as you read: Do they have an agenda? If

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Why did we prefix our toolchain with mc9s12x-?

Prior to LibreEMS coming to be, there were several tool-chains out there for the m68hc1x platforms with various capabilities and bugs.   Rather than ADD to that confusion by releasing a toolchain with more capabilities but using the same exec-prefix,

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Why did we fork from FreeEMS?

Short Answer – Because you cannot get the software to meet your needs any other way. This decision was not made lightly,  but was the result of  long term brewing difference of opinion and direction between the originator of FreeEMS,

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