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Windows toolchains updated Jan 22nd 2016

A longstanding pair of minor bugs has existed in the Windows ToolChain since I put it together, and after MANY recompiles and even more tests, googling, hair pulling, late nights, IRC chats and so on, the fix was found and

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Ardu-stim Patterns

Ardu-Stim has the following patterns as of July 13th 2015: 4 cylinder distributor 6 cylinder distributor 8 cylinder distributor 60-2 Crank ONLY pattern 60-2 crank with cam 36-1 crank only 4-1 crank with cam 8-1 crank ONLY (Yamaha R6) 12-1

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Arduino based crank/cam wheel simulator: ardu-stim

UPDATE 07/14/2015:  Precompiled binaries of the Ardu-Stim arduino code are available at: UPDATE 03/26/2015:  The git repository has changed as per this link to  Apologies for the confusion! UPDATE 9/19/2014: ardustim now has analog pot control for when you don’t want

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