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Hi guys, I’m Sean Keys, one of the core team members for the LibreEMS Project.  Most of my enterprises have started out as a hobby. Once upon a time all I had was a donated 486 and a sense of curiosity. Area by area, subject by subject, I managed to gain a seankcommanding understanding of microprocessors, operating systems, networking protocols and programming languages. For the last 16 years, I have worked IT and software engineering jobs, both contract and full-time. I currently work for Google Inc, as an embedded software engineer(see LinkedIn profile).

My current role in this project is being a core developer of the LibreEMS suite.

Current FOSS contributions:

Binutils:  XGATE co-processor binutils port(assembler/linker/dissembler)

LibreEMS Loader(formerly FreeEMS-Loader):  Firmware loading/ripping tool for the Qt platform.  – Deprecated Utility

LibreEMS SerialIO:  I/O lib to help speed the process of building apps that depend on serial communications. – Deprecated Utility

LibreEMS:  XGATE fuel outputs(if it’s not sequential, it’s junk) , 2d based MAF support, duty-cycle based injection staging. -Updated Pre-release Implementation

My aim is to  do what I can to help build a respectable product and a healthy community. They say I’m a nice guy, but I believe arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand.  I can be reached on the forums as seank. Best of luck to all!

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