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David's PhotoHello, I’m David Andruczyk, one of the core team members for the LibreEMS Project.  I’ve been a computer/Electronics geek since just after I could walk.  I’m currently in my late 30’s, so I’ve had a little practice and now currently work as a Linux Systems Administrator for a research university in the northeast US.  I’m  a self taught hobbyist programmer with skills in C/C++ with a dash of Ruby thrown in, aside from all those boring SA skills learned over the years.

My current role in this project is the Systems Administration support of the LibreEMS infrastructure (VM/OS management) as well a secondary role in firmware development, currently more in a advisory (idea generator) role as there are others far more adept than myself in those areas, and a tertiary role as the author and maintainer of Megatunix.  I designed and implemented the current server infrastructure and setup and manage the tools we use to manage the project, including Gitlab, Gitlab-CI, Redmine, Apache, WordPress, and more, on hardware provided by a gracious host in the western end of the US.

I am also the author and developer of MegaTunix which is one of the tuning software suites used with LibreEMS and other Automotive EMS projects out there (MegaSquirt, FreeEMS).  In partnership with Sean Keys, I created the current software packages of our tool chains needed for compiling the LibreEMS source code into a firmware binary on either Linux, Window or OS-X making this project accessible to the widest possible audience range.   Most if not all of the core developers use Linux, if you want to get in with the crow follow this precept: “When in rome, do as the romans do.”  🙂

I can be reached on the forums as dandruczyk

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  1. Is this project still alive? I am interested because I have just bought a Jaguar 0.7 board and I think I need some of the extra
    facilities that LibreEMS has to offer over FreeEMS. I also need help
    with modifying the files to create a custom firmware.


    • Of course the project is still alive. Feel free to check out (and post) on the forums at forums.libreems.org, or join into conversations on IRC and #libreems on the FreeNode IRC Chat network.

  2. Hello David,
    I would love to post questions on the forum, but when I try it tells me I don’t have permission because my membership hasn’t been approved 🙁


  3. I had a deeper look in sensor specifications.. Unfortunately today’s crank sensors are mostly bidirectional sensors. They don’t set high signal as long as a tooth passes, they encode the signal with always 45us for forward direction and 90us for reverse direction. This means pulse width is stable no matter how much rpm is applied.
    Is there a way to configure ArduStim like this?
    Could you pass your mail address? I would like to send you some pics and data.

  4. Hello,

    I am an Automotive Engineering student at VIVES College in Kortrijk, Belgium, me and 2 other last year students have chosen a thesis around programming and mapping an open source ECU. We should be able to run a 1000 cc petrol engine with VVT on it. I’m wondering if you could recommend us one of your products for this project? We would also need a downloader and a compiler for the software then.

    I hope you can help us

    Thanks in advance


    Alec Callens

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