Month: January 2014

Why did we prefix our toolchain with mc9s12x-?

Prior to LibreEMS coming to be, there were several tool-chains out there for the m68hc1x platforms with various capabilities and bugs.   Rather than ADD to that confusion by releasing a toolchain with more capabilities but using the same exec-prefix,

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Site Status Feb 4th 2016

LibreEMS Site/Server Status Currently all services are operational and working normally. On Wednesday February 4th 2016, we finished our transition to our new Web hosting arrangement, which includes getting SSL back for nearly all domains (one more to go), increased

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How we validate our Toolchains

It’s important that we provide LibreEMS users/developers a stable and reliable toolchain for compiling the LibreEMS sources into firmware for their EMS/ECU,  so how do we validate that our Toolchains generate consistent output across all of the Linux OS’s we

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Feature Comparison Overview

The table below was intended to provide a quick glance at what we can currently do today, while comparing it to similar products. This table is not a complete feature table, it was designed to highlight the most important requirements

About Sean

Hi guys, I’m Sean Keys, one of the core team members for the LibreEMS Project.  Most of my enterprises have started out as a hobby. Once upon a time all I had was a donated 486 and a sense of curiosity.