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Welcome to 2021!

What is LibreEMS?  LibreEMS started as a fork of the FreeEMS Project and is now mostly a rewrite.  This project is intended to develop a top of the line ECU/EMS for managing electronic fuel injection on your vehicle of choice, eventually being capable of competing with units costing several times as much AND with more features and more accuracy.    If you want to know why we forked, see this post.  We aim to be an open community working together as a collaborative team to design and build a premier open source Engine Management system.  The firmware as it exists is capable of the following features

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8 Comments on “About LibreEMS

  1. Hi,

    i can not access the source-code at the git.libreems.org repository, because of the login requirement.
    Is this intentionally?
    Shouldn’t it be public?

  2. Yes it is, you should check the forum for more details. I will be posing the proposed ECU config file format soon. Was there something you needed in general?

    • Your account has been activated. NOTE: all accounts need admin approval due to the huge number of spammers who attempt to sign up… The redirect to the sourcecode repo has been fixed as well, as we had some bumps from our webhost recently.

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